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Obiective: Dezvoltarea abilitatilor creative ale participantilor. Sensibilizarea grupului cu privire la situatiile din viata de zi cu zi.

Marimea si caracteristicile grupului: Se aplica participantilor de orice varsta.

Timp necesar: 1h 30

Resurse necesare: Resursele necesare depind de particularitatea fiecarei povesti.

The Adventure of the Curry Seed
Entering the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Match various countries /continents on a given blank world map;
·         Organize a debate on the positive/negative aspects of living abroad;
·         Bring different elements (objects, pictures etc.) and discuss issues of multiculturalism; 
Telling the story:
Once upon a time there was a tiny little seed called Miss Curry. Miss Curry was born in a very sunny valley in India. Like every other seed she wanted to grow up and become a very beautiful plant, but she just couldn’t. She tried and tried and tried but she just couldn’t grow where she was. So she thought to herself
“Maybe India isn’t the right place for me”.
She wanted to find the right place for her to grow, so, one day, she realised, on a windy day, the old wise wind could help her.
“Mr. Wind, can you please help me and take me to the right place, the place where I can grow?”
“Sure, I will little seed” he said.
So they left her homeland and travelled to a place the wind believed to be the perfect one for Miss Curry to grow.
They arrived in Lisbon, a place full of light and colour where people were listening to Fado. The wonderful smell of the sea made her think:
“This must be the right place for me!”
The sun, who watched her arriving, offered to help Miss Curry grow. Together, they tried and tried but failed.
So Miss Curry and her friends set to journey, looking for the right place, and ended up in Latvia, where, like every girl, the seed fell in love with the Riga Castle next to the Baltic Sea.
Here she made a new friend, who also offered to help them: the Rain.
So, the Rain, the Sun and the Wind tried to make the seed grow but, once again, failed.
Now, with the rain joining them, the 4 friends travelled again, to what they thought would be the right place for Miss Curry to grow.
The ground was already expecting them when they got to Romania and, received them saying:
 “Look: I’ve been able to grow plants from the Lotus in the Danubian Delta to the fir trees in the mountains, I’m sure I can help you grow too!”
Miss Curry got very excited with the Ground’s story and believed she had finally found her place.
Now, all together, they tried to make her grow but, unfortunately, they failed again.
The little, sad seed, tired from failing so many times decided to give up, and stay forever a seed, asking the wind to take her to a nice place she could live in peace.
The wind tried to change her mind but ended up agreeing, and taking her to Italy.
There she visited the Colosseum where she met a kind gardener named Francesco, she told him her story and he then explained what, for all her journey, she couldn’t see:
“The Sun you were looking for was already in India.
The Rain you were looking for was already in India.
And the Ground you were looking for was already India.
I will take you to your right place, and I will help too, I will plant you.”
Regaining her hope Miss Curry agreed and, with the Wind, the Sun, the Ground, the Rain and the Gardener, came back to her homeland.
In India, with the help of her friends, Miss Curry, the seed, was finally able to grow, in the right place, her home.
Leaving the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Plant a seed and  make a plan on how to take care of it.
·         Organize a cooking session using different Indian ingredients in order to taste and experience the Indian culture; 

Entering the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Bring various flowers into the room and use them to create a common picture. Decide on the message;
·         Blindfold members of the audience and make them guess flower fragrances and share memories they bring back;
·         Prepare a video on the Eclipse and answer a “Did you know?” quiz. 
Telling the story:


Once upon a time the tragedy happened. A young girl was left all alone after the death of her parents. Her name was Lola. She had no relatives left, no one to take care of her not even a friend. The only creatures she could talk to were the flowers her mother had planted in her garden. But you see, these were not ordinary flowers: they could talk and feel, just like humans.
Our girl, Lola, loved them very much but there was something else she needed in order to be happy. So, one day, she thought about going to explore the oak forest behind her garden.
“Please don’t leave us here,” the Campanella said.
“I promise I’ll be home until dusk,“ Lola assured them.
She had been walking in the oak forest for hours and hours without seeing any animal, bird, not even a bug when suddenly a young handsome man appeared.
“Hello young, girl. What brings you here?” he asked in a smooth charming voice.
He tried to approach and kiss her but she rejected.
“My name is Lola. I want to travel the world and explore every corner of it”
“Oh, that is a very nice dream. Perhaps you would like to know more about this forest first?”
Lola looked up to the sky. It was getting late. Never had she been up for such a long time. She turned to the man wanting to say goodbye but when she opened her mouth the words came:
“Yes, I’ll go with you.”
“Then I, Manuel, shall be your guide”
 Manuel was exactly what Lola needed: a man of knowledge, adventure and charm, making her wanting to see him daily. Finding love seemed to be the answer to all of her questions: now, she could make her dreams come true. In spite of her happiness, something strange started to happen: every night she had vivid nightmares and she was waking up dizzy. One of the Sunflowers in her garden wasn’t feeling that good either – instead of waking up and following the sun she stood sleepy all day. Lola couldn’t face the stress anymore so she went and talked to Manuel:
“My dear, my nights have been troubled by really bad nightmares in the past weeks.”
“Oh, but it’s nothing to worry about my love, everybody has them.”
He made her feel safer until one night she woke up after a nightmare. Our girl went into the garden to talk to her friends. There, she  saw a very ugly man, with dark skin and reddish hair poisoning the garden. . He turned his face to her and the stranger remained stranger no more: it was Manuel, but not the one she loved. He was the Devil.  Lola felt very sad so she returned into her room and started to cry. Next morning  she woke up and tried to get some advice from her Mal-me-que. She took it in her hand, and starting pulling one petal, one after the other. The flower kept repeating:
“Stay with him…. Go away….Stay with him.. go away..!”
So Lola went and tried to talk the Devil but he said:
“ Of course, you can leave. “
When she returned instead of a beautiful word of flowers the only thing left there was ashes of dead flowers, grass and a dark lake. Lola was now hopeless: how could she live anymore? Life seemed to have taken everything she ever loved from her: family,friends, even the only man she had ever been with. There was nothing left to do.
“ I will put an end to all my suffering now.” She said to herself as she looked around to all the death.
 When she approached the lake tough, something strange happened: the sick Sunflower she loved so much turned her face towards her.
Everything came in front of her eyes: she was once again a child and her mother was holding Lola in her arms. From her lips the saying came:
“ Life is what you make it, my dear”
Lola woke up. In that darkness of her life she had managed to find the only thing she needed: faith.
“ Yes, life is what I make it, our girl told herslef. So I will fight the Devil.”
Back in the forest Manuel was waiting to take her soul. She approached him feeling stronger than ever. The Devil stopped. He couldn’t understand what was happening.
“Why are you here? Can’t you see I took everything from you? I am the one who murdered your family ! It’s too late to do anything now!”
“ I have nothing, you are right. I am not scared of you. I only have what’s in my heart now. And that you can never take.”
After she looked into his eyes the miracle happened. It was like a dream: the ugly man, with evil in his eyes transformed into a beautiful prince. Lola couldn’t believe it was true. She dared to fight with the truth in her heart: and that, our dear readers, was strong enough to transform even the most powerful Devil into a Prince.
Above them there was a dark evening sky. And when he approached his lips to kiss her the sun and the moon collided in an Eclipse.
Leaving the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Make a mask representing one of the characters and act out the story;
·         Use the story as a start up for a Photovoice project entitled “My surroundings”;
·         Organize a debate on the importance of heroes and villains in stories and everyday life;  

The Queen of the trees
Entering the story:
Depending  on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Ask the audience to draw a very beautiful tree and imagine the place where it lives and its surroundings. It can either be  a real place (give the name of  the country, region, culture of the place) or create a magical one;
·         Invite the audience to imagine their life as a tree. Talk about roots, what helps them grow, reasons to grow and fruits or flowers they want to have;
·         Bring cards with elements of Greek mythology and play games to discover them (mime, yes-no questions);
Telling the story:
Once upon a time there was one big, beautiful tree in Romania in a big forest, full of different animals like birds and bugs. The tree was very proud of her beauty .
One day some bees from Portugal came and asked it: ´´Can we live in your branches? There we can feel safe and won´t disturb you. The tree didn´t even think about it and in a second replied ´´ No!´´ So the bees went away
Some time later ants from Italy came and asked:
“ Can we live in your branches?”
And the tree replied : “ NO, I can´t live with so insignificant beings!! GO AWAY!!!”.
The ants were sad and angry, but they went away.
After some time, some gnomes arrived from Latvia, and asked:
“ Can we live in you? Because you are so big and beautiful, you look like the perfect house for us.”
And the tree said “ Hmm! Why ? You are magical cratures and if you will live here the people won´t see my beauty, only yours and I cannot agree with that.”
 So the gnomes answered “ If you want….we have magic dust for you and you can become more beautiful than now… but you have to let us live here. “
The tree, thought for a while and said “ Maybe I need to think better about this and tomorrow I will give you an answer.” So next day the tree decided to accept the proposal.
And times went by….and many many people were coming to the forest, to search for gnomes.
So one day the tree decided to send them away  and said “ Well, I think I am tired of you. I feel the humans are coming here to see you and not actually to appreciate my beauty!” The gnomes felt concerned and answered :
“ But why  shouldn´t we try a kind of magic and……”  the tree interrupted them and said:
“No way. I do not want more agreements with you! You will have one more day to go away!”
Te gnomes went inside the tree and discussed :
“ We should think about another agreement”….and another replied “ Hmm… I have my doubts!! I think she will never agree with anything!!! But you know what? I think that we should use our skills to joke!! We are famous for that!! We should speak with Afrodite and for sure, Hera will know and she will feell angry. Than we will have our revenge!
Next day in the morning the gnomes went to see Afrodite, and they said:
“ Beautiful Afrodite, how are you today, beauty of beauties?”
She said “ I am wonderful, just like any other day. What do you want my dear gnomes??”
“ Well” the gnomes said  , “as we know we are coming, from the forest and for a long a time we were looking for a gift to give you. Finally we found it. The most beautiful tree that you can find in nature. Her beauty represents you very well on earth. Can you give your protection to her, so everybody can admire her.”
Afrodite answerd: “If this tree is really as impressive as you are telling me, I can accept to protect it. Today I will decide that and of course I appreciate your generous gift “
Afrodite arrived in the forest and she was impressed with the beauty of the tree and she said “ “Oh, you are so beautiful, you are the queen, of the trees, so I will protect you and you will be more beautiful, than you can ever can imagine.”
So the tree said “ Oh, queen of the beauty and love, I think you will be the perfect Goddess to protect me.”
Afrodite started to dance around the tree, taking flower for her hair, a perfect imagine… but life isn´t perfect! Coming on her tip toes, like a snake between the trees, was Hera, the goddess who knows everything. “ Hmm.. Such a beautiful tree!! Such ………. !! It is perfect for me!”
She looked and saw Afrodite, and she said to herself: “of course, innocent Afrodite and her blond hair…” so Hera made a sudden move and surprised Afrodite.
Hera spoke “ so, sweet blondie…. What are you doing here?.”
 Afrodite answered “I´m connected with the beauty of this tree, we have an agreement and I´m her Godess… I´m protecting her and giving her more beauty”.
 Hera replied “Hmmm… you know Afrodite , you are such a fool… how  can you believe  this tree belongs to you?” Afrodite said: What are you saying? You can´t stay with her! She´s mine!”
Hera answered “ Grow up Afrodite! I´m the queen of the queens! I´m Zeus’ wife, do you remember?”
And yes, Afrodite remembered that nobody plays with Hera….she slowly walked away turning into a beautiful dragonfly.
But, did you think the story is finished? NOooo!
What about Hera?
She went to the tree and said: “ I´m Hera, queen of the queens and I really can offer you the majesty you really deserve.”
The tree felt so vain, that she replied: “yeah! I´m a queen for another queen”
Hera laughed for herself, it was the perfect agreement.
So, Hera become a plant and started to hug the tree saying “ How difficult it was to find the queen of the trees, and finally, I can say we complete each other”. Than, Hera started to grow up slowly, as when the night is coming in the winter… growing, growing. Growing, even more! And suddenly we heard: “OH My Goddess, I can´t breath”
Hera laughed louder and asked “How could you imagine that you’d be a queen?I´ll be the eternal queen of the queens ”… and… the tree died, slowly, fragile, a shadow of herself…
Leaving the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Draw the characters of the story and prepare a shadow theatre;
·         Prepare a trial where Aphrodite sues the tree;
·         Discuss the importance of beauty in people’s lives; 

Meeting can change your life
Entering the story:
Depending on the age of the audience, you could:
·         Ask the members of the audience to share one memorable meeting they had in their life. They should start from one sound/ object/ colour/ image they associate with the event.
·         Read the first paragraph  “After one of the countless fights with his parents Lorenzo was kicked out of home. Since getting fired 7 months before because of being rude to a costumer, he had never gone out looking for a job. In fact he was just lying in bed all day and playing video games.” and invite the audience to predict what happens next.
·         Prepare  biographical data of both young and elderly celebrities and prepare a guessing game (matching, noughts and crosses, puzzle) Discuss the importance of fighting ageism. 
Telling the story:
After one of the countless fights with his parents Lorenzo was kicked out of home.  Since getting fired 7 months before because of being rude to a costumer, he had never gone out looking for a job. In fact he was just lying in bed all day and playing video games.
   Now when the money had run out he started to look for as job. It was raining, 17 p.m. of 1st of August. It was a strange temperature for summer. He was walking down AlfredaKalnina street already almost given up, he thought that he would never find a job, because he was walking around all day and every one of the shop-keepers had declined him. He went in a little coffee shop. It was a cute little place, it smelled like vanilla. Lorenzo looked around the place and it was almost empty, the only costumer was an old lonely man who looked deep inside in his thoughts.
Lorenzo went to the counter and asked to owner if he could work there. The owner looked to Lorenzo’s eyes with a little bit of sadness in his eyes and in his kind voice said:
“Listen dear son, look around! Does this place look like I have enough money to have other employees?”
 Lorenzo looked down and understood that the rent this month would have to wait again. He snorted and turned to leave. Then he heard a quick screech from the chair of the old man. Lorenzo turned around and saw an old man rushing to him.
He said: “Hello, I am Rainis, would you like to work for me as a gardener?”
Lorenzo said: “Yes, I will be there.”
Then they exchanged their phone numbers and a few polite phrases. Both of them went home a little happier than they had entered the coffee shop. Lorenzo went to Rainis’ house to start working. When he saw the garden he flipped because nobody had been there for 50 years... But when he looked into Rainis old and small eyes he decided to do it, because this garden needed to be better and his life also.
One evening they were having bacalhau for dinner, a traditional Portuguese dish,. Since Lorenzo had been in Rainis’house for a long time as a gardener, the saviour man started telling him a story: in particular his story. In fact he  had taken  part in a war and he was taken as a prisoner in India, he lived in the worst conditions and he ate only one meal a day, a very poor meal. But Lorenzo wasn’t attracted by the story because he didn’t understand the importance of learning from life experiences.
Rainis also told Lorenzo how he had lost the leg during the war while he was helping a Romanian friend. Next day when they were having breakfast they continued the conversation and Rainis told what had happened many years before. It was in wartime. Latvian soldiers fought with Romanians for freedom,  and every one ran forward and suddenly Rainis saw how his friend getting hurt. He put his friend on his shoulders and took him to the Latvians liners, but near the Latvian line he got shot in his knee.
One evening when Lorenzo was leaving to come back home for Christmas holidays he went into the house to say goodbye to Rainis. Inside he saw an old book in the wooden library that he had never seen before, he opened it and it was full of handwritten poems. He brought it to Rainis and asked him about it. Rainis started telling his story:
“So you remember when I was in the war?”
 Lorenzo rolled his eyes and sat down.
“My dream was to be a writer, in fact while I was in the war I wrote a book. After the war nobody would publish me so I had to find a job, but nobody would hire me because of my disability, but I  never gave up. I found a job that was really hard for my absent leg and myself but I never forgot my poetry. I worked hard and meanwhile I tried to improve myself in writing, so I got better and finally got published.”
He ended his story with tears in his eyes and Lorenzo asked: “Ok! Can I go now?”
Rainis said: “Sure.” And went to his bedroom to take a rest because he felt bad in his heart.
After a while Rainis passed away and finally Lorenzo understood that they were really close friends and friendship is the most important thing in the world and also learning from  life’s experiences helps you to live better because you can address the problems with the right tools,  and also to be a good man.
Leaving  the story :
Depending on age of the audience, you could:
·         On veterans day- listen to an interview of a person who went to war and discuss upon the them e of freedom.
·         Ask the audience to write messages on slips of paper to the characters of the story
·         The group could write a short biography of Reinis and Lorenzo

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